Flowers meet Venue. Venue meet Flowers. Every wedding we did in 2015 was beautiful and unique but a wedding truly comes alive when the venue and floral style match and complement each other. Sarah and James’ wedding at Holcim Waterfront Estate was an example of the perfect pairing – it even got featured in print of the latest issue of Wedding Bellsheidilau_w_sj_web-003heidilau_w_sj_web-006heidilau_w_sj_web-005heidilau_w_sj_web-011 heidilau_w_sj_web-026heidilau_w_sj_web-008  heidilau_w_sj_web-020heidilau_w_sj_web-014heidilau_w_sj_web-015Holcim Waterfront Estate overlooks a picturesque view of the greenery and waters. The estate itself is simple yet it speaks loudly through its elegance and rich history. The outside ceremony was balanced with a natural and organic garden style, using lots of greenery and neutral colours – creams, ivories, hints of blush. Anything too powerful or bright would have clashed with the historic estate of Holcim.heidilau_w_sj_web-031heidilau_w_sj_web-056heidilau_w_sj_web-050heidilau_w_sj_web-035heidilau_w_sj_web-037heidilau_w_sj_web-051 heidilau_w_sj_web-017heidilau_w_sj_web-061 heidilau_w_sj_web-049heidilau_w_sj_web-013heidilau_w_sj_web-010heidilau_w_sj_web-075heidilau_w_sj_web-080heidilau_w_sj_web-076heidilau_w_sj_web-044 heidilau_w_sj_web-063heidilau_w_sj_web-062 heidilau_w_sj_web-034heidilau_w_sj_web-040heidilau_w_sj_web-084heidilau_w_sj_web-086heidilau_w_sj_web-089 heidilau_w_sj_web-088heidilau_w_sj_web-087heidilau_w_sj_web-097heidilau_w_sj_web-098heidilau_w_sj_web-047
Sarah and James’ wedding was a true testament to how important it is to match venues with floral style – remember it’s usually the first thing people see! Thanks to the talented Heidi Lau for capturing the beautiful photos!

Featured in print | Wedding Bells
Photography | Heidi Lau
Venue | Holcim Waterfront Estates
Hair | Suzie Kim Bridal Hair
Makeup | Karen Kim Beauty
Florals | Yours Truly

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