Streetcars named Desire, jazz instruments and gumbo goodness are just some of the things that encompass the eclectic city of New Orleans. Unfortunately I’ve never been there but thanks to Karen and Megan of Frou Frou House, it almost felt like I was experiencing true southern hospitality. Featuring a classic French Horn as the focal point immediately set the tone for this New Orleans inspired shoot, also paired with the royal colours of navy and deep magentas and burgundies. With this setting and colour palette, it made my job so easy!

Here, see for yourselfneworleanscreative183aneworleanscreative123aneworleanscreative148aneworleanscreative020a   neworleanscreative013aneworleanscreative026aneworleanscreative007aneworleanscreative151aIn case you’re wondering, I used fresh peach roses, rich burgundy carnations, and an assorment of vibrant fillers and greenery to give it some texture. Modeling the gorgeous florals (and dress!) is my good friend Natalie Ho from My Little Secrets and her real-life fiancé Kyle (how cute! Oh, and did I mention I’ll also be doing their wedding in a few weeks? Stay tuned!).neworleanscreative196aneworleanscreative081a   neworleanscreative074aneworleanscreative220a   neworleanscreative146aneworleanscreative125aneworleanscreative018aneworleanscreative205aneworleanscreative189aneworleanscreative226a

This project also wouldn’t have been possible without all the gracious vendors:

Styling & Stationary | Frou Frou House
Photo & Film | Green Autumn Photography & Film
Model | Lifestyle Blogger Natalie Ho from My Little Secrets
Makeup | A Glow by Joan
Hair | Suzie Kim Bridal
Wedding Gown & Hair Piece | Sash & Bustle
Suit | Surmesur
Sweets | Vanilla Lane
Chair Rentals | Detailz Chair Couture
Linens | Susan Murray International
China | Event Rental Group
Florals |  Yours Truly

Now that’s what you call southern hospitality. And remember, all our delight is in You!

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