I love Instagram. It has ways of connecting people from one corner of the world to another and that’s exactly how Natalie and I met. For those of you who don’t know, Natalie is DIY connoisseur of My Little Secrets – make sure you check it out, she has some great stuff! We mutually loved each other’s feed and started doing some collaboration work and what can I say, it was immediate Instagram chemistry. So when Natalie asked me to do her flowers for her wedding it was almost another chance for a delightfloraldesign X mylittlesecrets_ca collaboration. And what a success it was.
20150627_16063020150627_183248-220150627_16042820150627_15583120150627_131529  20150627_16173020150627_161703  20150627_16171620150627_161547Doing a wedding for a friend is an honour, but it can come with some peripheral pressure. Doing a wedding for a blogger friend is a whole other ballpark of pressure. Needless to say, Natalie loved the flowers and so did I! Besides the usual wedding floral needs like the bouquet, centerpieces, and altar arrangements, we wanted to work on a beautiful focal point using flowers. And that we did! We created a fun floral backdrop used for the ceremony and then later repurposed for a cute photobooth backdrop! Take a look.
20150627_16202820150627_17082220150627_170817-320150627_161708Natalie’s immaculate blogger lens and my creative floral freedom teamworked perfectly to create a vibrant, trendy, blissful dream wedding. Though it rained all day, the rain couldn’t overpower the bright and vivacious colours of her incredibly detailed and altogether stunning wedding! All captured by the ever so talented Afterglow Images
20150627_16034520150627_16561820150627_17471620150627_17493820150627_160319  20150627_17372220150627_183207  20150627_16043620150627_16012020150627_17472920150627_18460120150627_18381620150627_18375520150627_184812  20150627_19321520150627_195927  20150627_184747 20150627_19570820150627_20045320150627_22331920150628_00074720150627_174456-2

Bride, Blogger, Stylist |  My Little Secrets
Photographer | Afterglow Images
Venue | St. James Cathedral Centre
Makeup | Hey Jolie
Invitation | Love Love Me Do
Back Seat Signage | Light & Paper
Florals | Yours Truly
Full Feature | My Little Secrets

And remember, all our delight is in You.

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