Every girl dreams of her wedding day. I mean, I’m sure every guy does too but let’s be real here. That’s why when Minah approached me to do her flowers I was beyond honoured but also a little nervous. She entrusted total creative freedom to me. Although I absolutely enjoy having complete creative reign, remember you don’t have any guidelines so you really have to have a good sense about everything and put it all together. Well, actually she did have one and only one guideline: pink. You can see for yourself how it turned out : )
MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-283MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-94MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-78  MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-35MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-69  MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-56MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-23MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-58MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-59MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-614MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-108MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-105  MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-143MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-129  MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-111MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-121Being a florist doesn’t mean just making beautiful centerpieces and bouquets, you have to have the attitude and eye for everything surrounding the wedding – the venue, the couple, the colours, the personalities. That’s why when both Minah and I saw the final product, we fell in love with everything. I was very pleased with my work – everything came together in utter perfection.MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-608MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-357MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-174MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-373MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-339MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-509MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-308MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-451MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-409So here’s a very general picture of what I gathered to create my flowers. Personality: fun, down to earth, loves to have a good time. Style: rustic, classic, pretty. Venue: rustic, natural. I know those words are very simple but that’s pretty much all I need to get the right feel and then the ideas and designs start blossoming from there.MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-685MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-631MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-598  MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-191MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-294  MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-342MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-210MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-208MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-262MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-356MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-341MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-351MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-189MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-343MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-358MINAH+JAMESWED-HIRES-698As you can see, we kept the centerpieces classic and romantic just like the venue, Berkeley Fieldhouse. We also had fun with the table garland runner, which was actually a last-minute change after Minah was inspired by a previous wedding I had done using a similar-style table garland. And lastly, the bouquet was kept just as she asked – pretty and all shades of pink. My brides always gravitate and point out her bouquets and centerpieces in my lookbook, which makes me very happy as Minah and I have been long-time friends from church. Hope you enjoy these photos, which were beautifully captured by Lisa Bang

Featured | Wedding Bells
Photography |Lisa Bang
Venue | Berkeley Fieldhouse
Hair | Suzie Kim Bridal Hair
Makeup | Karen Kim Beauty
Centerpiece Numbers | Straight Laser
Florals | Yours Truly

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