Let’s face it, the bride steals the show. At every wedding. But she wouldn’t be complete without her main sidekick – the bouquet. The bride’s bouquet always manages to be the center of décor attention and steals people’s hearts. It’s more than just a bouquet. It symbolizes love, union, marriage. It’s timeless. Take a look at some of my favourites.


What with blog, Pinterest and inspiration boards – it’s information overload and the possibilities are endless! Brides usually come to me stressed because they don’t know what they want. They come to me with a lot of myths but I want to break this and also give my best pointers. So I assessed the past weddings I’ve done and summed up the 5 main styles of bouquets that my brides always love.

1. P R E T T Y  &  P A S T E L

Personally my wardrobe is full of blacks, whites and greys but I guess there’s a little bit of girly girl inside all of us. You really, really can’t go wrong with this perfectly pretty combination. It makes the girly girl in all of us giggle and blush with joy!


2. N A T U R A L  &  O R G A N I C

By natural and organic I mean, “I-just-happened-to-walk-into-a-forest-and-picked-a-bouquet-from-a-valley”. That kind of look. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a barn, rustic or outdoor ceremony wedding. This style can be used in a wedding that’s on an estate, winery, or even a gorgeous church!


3. W A R M  &  W I N T R Y

A special tribute to all our Canadians! As a florist from the True North, I have to add this one in. And on top of it, there seems to be more and more weddings trending toward the fall/winter season than ever before. Although I loved all my winter weddings, it is possible to add some warmth into your frosty florals. Just add some berries, frosty greenery and soft colours and you have a beautiful palette of warm yet wintry wedding flowers.

LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-168original lifestyle photographyIMG_0096

4. C L A S S I C  &  B L U S H 

This style is classic for a reason because it will match any venue, any dress and any bride. You just can’t go wrong with classy and timeless!

Natalia + Alex Wedding WEB160JENNIFER+GEOFFWEDHIRES-2570Q4A6393

5. B O L D  &  B E A U T I F U L 

Brides, don’t be afraid of colour! One of those myths I was talking about earlier is that some brides think that bold colours will snag the attention. Remember – nothing will ever take away from the bride! And if you do decide on bold, my only pointer is that it’s done with sophistication and with taste. This style actually ended up being one of the more popular choices for my past brides!

neworleanscreative151a0Q4A4377RR-King_Valley_Golf_Club_Wedding_Photos-Rhythm_Photography-228 (1)

After all this, don’t be afraid to mix and match as well. From my experience, in the end anything goes as long as you stay true to yourself! Don’t sway from what you truly desire in your heart. You can trust me to put it all together and create the freshest of flowers made with love and care!

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And remember, our delight is in You.

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