Not something you hear all the time, but after a 9-year courtship, Laura and James finally got to declare their love on November 15th, 2014. And it was everything romantic! I did my best to contribute to the romance by having the honour of doing their flowers! The wedding was all captured perfectly by the awesome Lisa Bang .
As long time friends, I wanted to give Laura and James everything, as they are such a generous, supportive, warm-hearted and not to mention an absolutely adorable couple. They entrusted in me and gave me all the freedom to create the wedding of their dreams. Having full creative control gets me so excited – my mind starts spinning with a myriad of different combinations, colours, and concepts. In the end, it all came together beautifully as a classic wintry but warm wedding using a romantic colour palette of silvers, navys, dusty greens and frosty peaches. Here, take a gander.LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-337LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-240   LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-169LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-58LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-60LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-61   LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-40LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-45LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-577LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-543LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-569LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-617LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-690LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-679LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-694LAURA+JAMES WED-HI-633What a true delight this whole process was working with this couple! After completing this successful whimsical wedding, I hope you, Laura and James experience the most romantic chapter of your lives as a married couple! Congratulations!

Photo | Lisa Bang
Makeup | Karen Kim Beauty
Hair | Suzie Kim Bridal Hair
Location | Copper Creek Golf Club
Florals |  Yours Truly

All our delight is in You.

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