de • light/di ‘ lit/
1. something that gives great pleasure
2. a strong feeling of happiness and joy
1. to give great pleasure, satisfaction or enjoyment

DeLight strives to be a company that brings the uttermost joy, pleasure and enjoyment in our florals and designs. DeLight specializes in lovely florals and stunning designs for special events, weddings, corporate services, private orders décor and set design. Each design is uniquely made, prepared with love, and tailored to your experience.


Our definition of deLight is a slight play on words. de in French means of, to, from, by, with. The light represents the designers’ faith and the source of all inspiration and purpose. So deLight aspires to be a reminder of just that whilst producing wonderful creations under this name. Every arrangement and design is beyond just a beautiful presentation – it is a precious gift, created with passion and thankfulness and crowned with a bow on top.

Welcome to DeLight and remember all our delight is in You.


Sarah Min, a Toronto based floral and event designer, discovered the gift of event design at an early age but it wasn’t until many events, arrangements and jobs later that she yearned to create a more personal footprint in the realm of florals and design. Sarah combined her degree in Business with her experience in the corporate world and the events industry to outlet her creativity to the blooming of DeLight. Her keen eye for personalized perfection and her desire to create memorable affairs for clients comes naturally and gives her sheer joy. Inspired by picturesque scenery, all sorts of pretties, and breathtaking travels, she crafts all her designs with a statement, story and spirit.